Fringe Friday 2024: Week Three

Week three of Brighton Fringe!

Fringe Friday 2024: Week Three

A quieter week this week, but don't worry: we've got so many shows planned for the next week.

Queer Comedy Showcase

The Queer Comedy Showcase is a six-person show by graduates of a stand-up comedy course put on last year for LGBTQ+ women and non-binary/gender non-conforming people.

One of those was our editor, so I can't really claim objectivity here, but I certainly enjoyed it, and will continue to enjoy it as I'm going along to every performance (she's also my girlfriend and I've been told going along to every show is mandatory).

Relatively less bawdy than the similar-ish Queer AF Comedy we attended last week, the acts showcased a variety of styles from Tim Vine-esque puns to more conventional jokes, with every one of the acts bringing their own flavour to their performances.

The room was absolutely full to capacity and the aircon was having a hard time keeping up but as long as you're able to take the heat, you'll have a good time.

Adam Englebright

Villains: A Dizney In Drag Parody

They had to upgrade the venue, because the show was so popular, and rightfully so.

This cast is SO fun and talented, with performers playing multiple roles (some stepping in at very short notice) and clearly loving every single moment on stage. After the show, there was a long queue for a photo opportunity with the cast in their fabulous costumes, and I felt like a little kid again. What a joyous night out!

Roxy van der Post