What Is The Brighton Seagull?

Brighton and Hove is a wonderful place to live, but we believe the local news offered by traditional outlets often doesn’t reflect that. Events are frequently presented without sufficient or appropriate context, making it more difficult for people to inform themselves and get civically engaged. A deluge of clickbait, national stories and copy-pasted press releases further dilutes what relevant news there is. There’s so much in the city that could be highlighted and celebrated—or things in need of change that could be brought to people’s attention—that isn’t being written about. We think that things can be different.

The Brighton Seagull is an independent news site publishing news that matters. We're non-partisan but not non-opinionated, and have strong views on relevant local issues (e.g. food waste, rough sleeping, etc.) We focus on environmental, social and community issues, with an emphasis on data-driven journalism and more in-depth investigation of important topics. The heavier issues will be balanced with coverage of the best live events the city has to offer: gigs, theatre, exhibitions.

We can’t do this all by ourselves—nor do we want to. We want to bring in people from all over the city to contribute and develop the project in directions we’ve not thought of. We want people who can write, who can film and photograph, who can record and illustrate, who can help with the website and its development. Anyone who thinks local news can be better in some way and wants to help, we want to hear from. We especially hope that people who might not see themselves reflected in traditional media come and get involved. If that's you, please fill out this form.

Seagull was founded by Carly-May Kavanagh and Adam Englebright. Carly-May is a journalist who’s written for The Independent, NME, and most recently was community reporter for the Mid Sussex Times. She’s seen first-hand the issues in newsrooms both local and national and thinks things can be different, and is responsible for the editorial side of things. In the interests of full disclosure, she's currently employed as Head of Policy for Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP, and voluntary publicity officer for the Volk's Electric Railway Association. Adam Englebright is the founder of data consultancy Cybersyn, and is responsible for the technical side of things.

A disclaimer: The Brighton Seagull is in no way associated with Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club (beyond Adam being a supporter of theirs).