Seagull Recommends 11/08

All the best events from across the city.

Seagull Recommends 11/08
Source: The Brighton Seagull 

Hello and welcome back to Seagull Recommends! This week we've got a new coffee shop (ooh!), some football (aah!), and the 140th birthday of the Volk's Electric Railway (woo!). Enjoy!

If you come across anything coming up in the city that you think we should know about, let us know!

Seagull Recommends

🎭Theatre: Brighton Little Theatre are putting on a production of Shakespeare in Love at Brighton Open Air Theatre. Running Thursday to Saturday, it tells the story of a promising young playwright, Will Shakespeare, plagued by debt and writer's block, until he finds his muse in the form of passionate noblewoman, Viola de Lesseps. Their forbidden love draws many others into the drama, including Queen Elizabeth I, and inspires Will to write the greatest love story of all time: Romeo and Juliet (tickets). And this week, at The Lantern Theatre is the end of their Orton Tribute week, a week to commemorate and pay tribute to the great playwright and gay activist, Joe Orton. Joe would have been 90 this year, but he was brutally murdered by his lover, Ken Halliwell,  on 9th August 1967, 56 years ago this summer. They're showing a Lantern Theatre produced double bill of Funeral Games and Ruffian on the Stair from today until Sunday (tickets).

🤣Comedy: Tomorrow at Ironworks is The Forge Comedy Club, with comedy from MC Stephen Grant, Marlon Davis, Harriet Dyer and Andrew Bird. Doors at 6:30pm—with pizza from Pizzaface (tickets)!

⚽️Sports: The Ledward Centre is screening the quarter final of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 tomorrow! England vs Colombia, kick off at 11:30am, free entry.

🚋Volk's Electric Railway: The Volk's Electric Railway is 140 years old, and there are some special celebrations this weekend to celebrate. There will be a cavalcade of all the cars, night running, tours of the workshop, to name but a few things. Ex-Southend Car 9 will return to the railway as VERA launches an appeal to restore it to running order. No tickets required!

🍱Food: Seems like everyone is coming down with something at the moment. Head to Iydea—feels both healthy and hearty, you've definitely had some vegetables but they're always delicious and you always leave very full.

☕️Coffee: Hello My Moon Brighton has just opened in York Place. Offering delicious coffee, vegan and vegetarian savouries, and sweet treats, check their Instagram for opening times.