Seagull Recommends 22/04

All the top events from across the city.

Seagull Recommends 22/04
Source: The Brighton Seagull 

Hello and welcome back to Seagull Recommends! We had a lovely day yesterday at the baseball: Brighton Brewers versus Tonbridge Wildcats, and we absolutely smashed them out of the diamond. This week we've got pancakes, beach cleans, plant help and more. Enjoy!

If you come across anything coming up in the city that you think we should know about, let us know!

Seagull Recommends

🏛️Museum: Booth Museum of Natural History has had its 'Toad in the Hole' exhibit return from an adventure in America, starring in the exhibition 'Monsters and Mermaids: Unravelling Natural History's Greatest Hoaxes'. The 'Toad in the Hole' is a mummified toad, claimed to have been found by workmen within a flint nodule in a Lewes quarry around 1900.

🏖️Beach clean: Beach cleans are back, organised by Leave no Trace, sponsored by Sea Lanes. The next one is on Sunday 28th April from 9:30 to 11:30am, and as a thank-you for taking action, Sea Lanes are offering all beach cleaners a complimentary lane swim in their incredible outdoor 50m pool, on the day of the clean (28th April) or, a 20% off e-voucher for a swim on another day.

🌱Plant help: Plant lover Urban Dryad is hosting another drop-in plant clinic on Thursday at The Ledward Centre. Bring your problem plants to the Houseplant Hospital for advice, diagnosis, and treatment, or just bring your questions. From finding houseplants suited to your home, to consulting on planted terrariums and aquariums, Urban Dryad is here to help with all your indoor plant needs from 3-5pm. Pay what you feel, if you can—any proceeds will be split equally between the Ledward Centre and Urban Dryad.

⚾️Baseball: This week at Brighton Baseball Club, the Brighton Brewers won their home games against the Tonbridge Wildcats. However, the Brighton Aces lost their away games against the Kent Buccaneers, and will be facing the Wildcats this Sunday in Brighton, where the Wildcats will be looking for some payback. Let's get them some home wins! First game at midday, second game at 3pm. Go Aces!

🎬Film: Sound Affects is starting a regular music documentary screening with The Music Doc Company. First up is Aaron Trinder’s Free Party: A Folk History on Saturday, which looks at the intersection of ravers and new age travellers during Thatcher's final days as PM, and the years that followed, leading up to Castlemorton free festival in 1992, the largest ever illegal rave, which provoked the change of the laws of trespass with the introduction of the Criminal Justice Act in 1994 (tickets).

🍱Food: Oui Creperie has its van in Montpellier Place, next to Stoney Point cafe, and the Montpellier Inn. You can have a crepe or a galette Friday to Sunday (for —safest to check their weekly schedule published on Instagram.

Drink: Friend of The Seagull and Queen's Park councillor, Tristram Burden, said:

Lovely to visit Brighton and Hove Albion Foundation's new cafe and community hub on the corner of Freshfield and Cuthbert Rd this morning. Had a coffee and a tasty mac 'n' cheese. Great prices that don't break the bank!