Seagull Recommends 15/04

All the top events from across the city.

Seagull Recommends 15/04

Hello and welcome back to Seagull Recommends! We've missed you! Have you missed us?

If you come across anything coming up in the city that you think we should know about, let us know!

Seagull Recommends

🎶Gigs: Emotive rock darlings silktape return to the Green Door Store on Wednesday for their first headline show of 2024. Joining them on stage are alt-rock tinged pop sweethearts Clean Shirt and the dynamic and outlandish grunge/indie outfit Slimy Bench (tickets); this Friday is Our Sound, a mini festival showcasing new music in the city, across hip hop, alternative, electronic and more (tickets).

🧘Yoga: This Wednesday at About Balance is an accessible lunchtime yoga class, which will explore classical yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation (tickets).

💡Glow Fest: Glow Fest takes place this Saturday from 4:30-8:30pm! With live music, UV activities, skateboarding workshops, arts and crafts, and food and drink, the festival takes place in Tarner Park and is a celebration of arts led by children and young people.

🌱Bluebell walk: The bluebells are just about to come out—Brighton Outdoor Activities have organised a bluebell walk at Stanmer Park on Saturday. Meet at 3:30 at One Garden and go for a wildflower/bluebell walk up to the big bluebell fields next to High Barn.

🏺Pottery: Pottery & Pints aims to turn the idea of traditional pottery workshops on its head, bringing something special in the relaxed and informal atmosphere of the local pub—in this instance, it's the Ancient Mariner. Your first drink is included in the ticket price, and there’s lots of time to chat and socialise while waiting for your turn at the wheel! Booking essential (tickets).

🎨Collage Club: A perennial Seagull favourite, Cult Milk's Collage Club returns to The Hope and Ruin this Tuesday. Drop in from 6pm to 9pm, bring some magazines to donate if you can, and unwind and have fun while making a lovely collage. Or a terrifying collage. Up to you, really. Beer prizes available, and entry is free!

🧆Lunch: Deputy editor Owen, someone who describes falafel as 'too dry', went to We Love Falafel:

I had the halloumi wrap without the falafel. Against what the name suggests I don't really love falafel that much, but the halloumi wrap is good and the mix of veg is good, it has a nice balance of textures and flavours, it has a good balance of every bite. I just wish they had more seating.

🍔Dinner: Tech girl Amber's been eating at Oowee Vegan a lot:

I'm just trying to think. One of their beefy ones is what I had and it was very nice, surprisingly. So far I've only had the chickeny stuff so I thought I'd push the boat out and have the beef boy, not what it's called, one of their beefy ones. The beef patty is very nice. Jalapeno fries are very good. Disappointingly though, Oowee does have a cringe name. Once you get over that though, they're quite good.